Cathy begins by gaining a solid understanding of your product, service, and brand in order to establish the optimal marketing mix to achieve your sales goals.  Using the foundation of marketplace analysis, market research and competitive intelligence, she will design a customized marketing plan that includes: brand positioning, personas, target audience segmentation, online/offline media planning, and content creation frameworks. To ensure success, reporting and analysis are used to measure the impact of each channel and message to guide future optimization.


Cathy will ensure that a consistent brand positioning exists across all your customer touch points including your website, social media, print, trade publications, and other advertising properties.  Brand positioning includes: designing the look and feel of your brand, crafting the language used to promote your product(s) and the development of a brand promise - the value of a promise consistently kept. Defining your USP (unique selling proposition) will help in the development of your brand promise, key messages, calls-to-action, tag lines, emails, promotional signage etc. You'll have a complete content strategy and brand guidelines for all your advertising and promotion efforts.  Cathy can also assist with the creation of your advertisements by engaging 3rd party contractors.


Every customer has a unique need when interacting with your brand. For example, the information a new customer is looking for can be vastly different from that of a repeat customer.  By addressing the unique needs of each customer you begin to build a relationship that will lead to product purchase and loyalty.  At each customer touch point we'll find the opportunities to identify their needs and provide them with an engaging brand message. The process begins with understanding your customers' journey to purchase, data gathering, choosing the best channel for message deployment, and finally, crafting the messages to move the individual along their journey from prospects to advocates.


Customer relationships

It's important to provide value to customers at all stages of their product exploration. Having a method to answer their questions, resolve complaints, and to generally provide support is critical.  Cathy will work with you to put the right tools in place to address your customers' inquiries and feedback. Positive reviews from happy customers are the best selling tool in your marketing mix.


Cathy Gray

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